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Welcome to Sensorium44!

This is a place where you are encouraged to engage your senses to create unforgettable experiences.
It is where ancient crafts and visual arts blend together to form something unique. Picture a space where art exhibitions, a delightful sourdough bakery, essential oil extractions, hands-on workshops, and a mix of social and culinary events come together under one roof.

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Our activities

What customers think about us

  • Verenique
    The course participants couldn't stop talking about the beautiful location, the nice atmosphere, the fire and the delicious snacks. Really great. I'm happy with your loving snacks and care. Thank you very much for this.
  • Elly
    The workshop Beginners Sourdough Baking was very good. The quality of the teaching, the hospitality and the take-home is a great value for money.