This is a place where you are encouraged to engage your senses to create unforgettable experiences.
It is where ancient crafts and visual arts blend together to form something unique.
Picture a space where art exhibitions, a delightful sourdough bakery, essential oil extractions, hands-on workshops, and a mix of social and culinary events come together under one roof.

Our place is a hub of creativity, offering various laboratories, delightful products, and events.
From the workshop about the art of sourdough to the one about essential oil extraction, from sourdough bread to gluten-free treats and from immersive Italian culinary experiences to diverse social events – all against the backdrop of an art gallery.

We’re all about breaking down barriers between art forms and creating a space where creativity thrives. Join us on a journey of inspiration and creativity. Sensorium44 is more than just a space; it’s an invitation to get inspired, be creative, and experience the magic when different art forms come together.