It all began with the cultivation of numerous lavender plants in our garden; from there, the journey of creating essential oils from the flowers was a natural progression.

During my master’s thesis at the university, I delved into the extraction of essential oils from lavender plants cultivated at various altitudes, aiming to compare their oil quality. Though I haven’t actively pursued this venture since my university days, my passion for essential oil extraction has endured.

The small lavender patch in my garden has then grown, featuring different lavender cultivars and French lavander, alongside an array of other aromatic plants such as rosemary, sage, thyme, and verbena.

As the quantity of essential oils and hydrosols increased, I felt compelled to share these unique creations with others who could appreciate the quality.

The increased quantity also led to the development of products that capture the aromatic essence of our garden’s harvest, like LAVENDER LIQUID SOAP and OLIVE OIL INFUSED WITH ROSEMARY.