Fun, informative, and interactive classes that will leave you feeling inspired and eager to get back to your own kitchen to practise what you’ve learned!

Our workshops are hands-on experiences where you'll explore the art of sourdough baking, master healthy cooking techniques, or uncover the world of essential oil extraction. We believe in fully engaging all your senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound – for an immersive learning experience.

During our workshops, you'll create products with your own hands, whether it's a freshly baked sourdough bread loaf, a wholesome Italian dinner, gluten-free focaccia, or a bottle of essential oil.

To book a class, just click on the class description below, and you’ll be directed to more information on that course and where your preferred date can be selected and payment made.


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Beginners Sourdough baking

An interactive, hands-on class where you will learn and experience every part of the sourdough breadmaking process so you can recreate delicious bread time and time again at home.

Advanced Sourdough baking

This class is perfect for those who have some experience with sourdough bread and want to improve their skills while ensuring consistent results in their sourdough baking.

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Gluten-free Sourdough baking

This hands-on course consists of detailed, step-by-step instructions on working with a gluten-free sourdough culture and crafting delicious gluten-free sourdough bread using a variety of flours and seeds. Additionally, it explores the creation of other treats such as focaccia, pizza, and crackers.

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Italian Sourdough baking

This workshop will focus on the art of Italian sourdough baking. You will learn how to prepare Naples-style pizza, two types of focaccia, namely one original from Emilia and one from Bari, herb crackers, and grissini.
Through a hands-on experience, you will get to explore traditional Italian baking techniques and the story behind Italy’s rich flavours.

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Healthy vegetarian Italian cooking

This is a workshop that explores vegetarian Italian gourmet cooking, covering everything from appetizers to desserts while exploring regional Italian stories and traditions. We will also delve into sensory knowledge, discuss ingredient selection, and provide tips for preparing healthy food.

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